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Who we are:

Owner/Massage Therapist: Shannon Curvey has been practicing massage therapy since 2002. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She holds her massage license in Virginia State. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Health Management Sciences at Howard University, she studied massage therapy at The Bodyworks Institute in Falls Church, VA.  Shannon has also helped many people achieve their personal fitness goals as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Medical Exercise Specialist.  With a background in health and fitness, and through work with other healthcare providers, Shannon has an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy.

With the help of her team of licensed massage therapists, she is able to provide quality massage therapy treatments and relaxing moments for all who request the services of Moments of Tranquility!


With strong hands and a gentle touch, the team has a knack for finding the knots and tension in the muscles brought to them for treatment. Shannon recognizes the need for massage therapy in today’s world of 8-hour days spent sitting at a computer coupled with the long commute to and from work, or the high levels of stress and no time to unwind. Shannon takes pride in addressing the needs of her clients and strives to meet the needs of those who come to her for a Moment Of Tranquility.

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